How to create a collection ?

You have to create a collection before creating an NFT. An NFT cannot be created if there is no any collection.
During creating a collection
1. You have to choose the Collection Type (Single or Multi)
SINGLE: Single collection consists of one or more NFTs where each NFT is single and unique.
MULTI: Multi collection consists of multiple NFTs of one collectible where the supply is defined by the creator. In multi collection you can create many NFTs of the same artwork.
2. You have to choose minimum one category in the dropdown menu.
3. ​You have to set a name for your collection.
4. You have to set a symbol for your collection (max. 6 characters consisting of letters and / or numbers). Symbol is a mandatory field to complete the process of creating collection in blockchain technology.
5. If you create a multi collection an extra fied is required to be filled: Total Supply
It indicates the number of NFTs created in that collection. I.e. if total supply is 100, 100 NFTs of the same artwork or different batches of NFTs those make 100 in total.
6. ​You have to click and confirm 2 checkboxes and click Create to complete the transaction ​.
7. On your collection page you can set a banner and an avatar .
8. Once you create a collection you can see it on your profile page