How can I create an NFT ?

You have to create a collection before creating an NFT. An NFT cannot be created if there is no any collection. Once you have a collection you can create/mint an NFT under it.
​​To create NFT you can click on "Create " button on navigation menu or click "Create New NFT" on collection page.
During creating NFT you have to :
1. choose the collection that your NFT will belong to;
2. choose minimum one category from the dropdown list;
3. set a name for your NFT;
4. choose the type of your asset (Image , Video or Music);
5. if you create an NFT in multicollection - write the number of NFTs you want to create for the same artwork in the field of "NFT count in the batch (1,2,5,10)” .
And optionally you can:
6. write a description about your NFT;
7. add an external URL of your collection;
8. define a Royalty amount which is the crypto payout for you as a creator in case of secondary sales of your NFT;
9. define additional attributes to differentiate an NFT, such as background, body parts, other people involved in creating the NFT (designer, originator, model etc.).​
When NFT is created, it is seen under the collection.